My Mission


One of my passions is learning the meanings behind names. My name, Rachael, is Hebrew for ‘ewe’- or otherwise known as a female sheep. The Bible often refers to humankind as sheep and Jesus as our Shepherd. Oh, how I love that correlation!

I am a sheep who listens to her Shepherd’s voice and seeks to follow Him. I blog to share my passion for scripture, exploration of my personal experiences, and offer a haven for readers to share their voice. I encourage people who are silent to speak against their fear, embarrassment, or shame.

In my blog, ‘Sheep Once Silenced’ (SOS), you will find a place where you can urgently call out for help. I encourage you to call upon the name of the Lord, to confide in this community of readers, and to ask for prayer as needed, when needed. You, too, are Christ’s sheep and you no longer have to be silenced!