Saying “Yes!” to Right Now

“Not right now.” I’m guilty of repetitiously quoting this phrase to my children. Just the other day, my daughter was chasing my heels and trying to hand me a book. The same book I had already read twice before 7:30 AM. And just one of the dozens of others I knew she would hand to […]


There are certain aspects of my life that demand a need to be prioritized. Maybe that’s just my personal desire to be super organized. I tend to thrive on lists of  “to-do’s” and feel a great sense of accomplishment when they’re checked off as “done”! When it comes to household chores I prioritize tasks with […]

Passion & Pursuit

The process for choosing an engagement ring can be both intimidating and exciting. You may be the one dreaming of your perfect ring. Or, maybe you’re the one buying that ring for someone else. Maybe you’ve already experienced the adventure of ring hunting. Regardless of your stance, my story to be told comes with a beautiful lesson. When I […]